Just Who Is Dr. Bill

William C. Hicks, Ph.D., LMHC.  Dr. Bill is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, licensed by the State of Florida. He is a graduate of Georgia State University and Liberty University. “You will appreciate my approach to helping people. Most of the people that I see are not mentally ill. They simply need a different perspective on their problems and need help exploring different solutions. My approach is as a warm and friendly encourager.”

Dr. Bill has extensive experience helping men with unwanted sexual behaviors as well as various types of addictions including drugs and alcohol. Dr. Bill also works extensively with issues that arise from divorce such as how to be a good parent after a divorce, how to get along with your ex-spouse, and most important have a good life after a divorce. His experience includes conducting many child custody evaluations and has prepared multiple parenting plans. Bring your divorce papers and parenting plan and Dr. Bill will show you how to follow the Judge’s order and at the same time how to get on with your life.